March 2k17

This is my third month after start blogging. It is my perception if someone is the article writer publisher or blogger and don’t pay attention on the past I mean by the analyzation of work, then I am sure that don’t need to be continued. Because maybe sooner they get ending of career. Now I am done my 120 days of blogging and revenue is up’s n down.

In March I don’t have much time to write articles and somehow I’m busy with my job. That’s why I have less time to work for my own self. I have done 48 articles including some tutorials, after all, in my previous blog reports I just started a new trend to share the list of past month articles. Let’s starts to review once the pitch of articles which I have written throughout the month.

Blogging Tips

SEO Tips

Android Development

Java Development

SEO Tools

Guest Post


Software Quality Engineering

Web Engineering

Human Computer Interaction

Software Project Management

Android SDK Essential Training

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorial

Google Analytics Report

In the last month February blog report you can see that, my analytics show suddenly raise. That’s just by some sudden event blog post sharing, now my daily traffic remains across 50 to 70 per day, I’m still trying to make it more valuable for visitors.

Google Analytics Report March 2k17

Google Adsense Report

Again, I’m not here for earning, I’m showing what is the reality in the back of every startup, you can get thousands of dollars in your just starting years. You have seen that there are many how share their reports on social media mostly are fake even that they are illiterates.

Google Adsense Report March 2k17

MOZ Report

In the last month moz don’t offer me the statics, but if I will compare it with the January Report then yeah ! I have loss just two points of the domain authority, I think I have given to many do follow links to my visitors that’s why it’s fall, anyways talent don’t need DA PA.

MOZ Report March 2k17

Majestic Report

Finally, I have archived something this month. Suddenly raise in the TF and CF which is really hard to maintain, now I’m relaxed enough to continued with the blogging.

Majestic Report March 2k17

Alexa Ranking Report

I have tried to maintain the ranking but again get fall due to less content sharing, now I’m planning to write blog on educational data because they have much attention of the user then the simple blogging tips.

Alexa Report March 2k17

Revenue Report

This is what I have earn in the march, that is not much money but yeah I’m getting free domain & hosting each year. In short words my blog running it’s self without spending my pocket money. You can also earn some money by writing articles, Recommend: How I Get Sponsored Articles From SponsoredReviews

Revenue Report March 2k17


I have observed that, blogging niche is lil bit disturbed, and not much valuable for the user or to google adsense, that’s why I have planned to change the writing topics. I’m now started to sharing tutorials on graphics and development along with them I’m also sharing my university topics to make it more translatable for the user to understand the master standard concept. I hope April will show me something great and make my effort cash able.


    • Hi Adeel,

      Thanks for your words, as I remember someone have quote status on FB that money is everything but not the least thing, that’s why I always try to advise other newbies to don’t cross limits in the race of earning.

      Thanks for your support and words, anyways why you don’t start affiliate marketing you can get your place easily there.
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