MaxCDN is most famous Content Delivery Network (CDN) used by most of the bloggers these days. Website loading is one of the prime factors for getting more visitors.

Loading time is also the part of SEO because in SEO we all do the things for getting more visitors. If your blog have very strong on page SEO but it’s taking too much time to load then all your SEO implementation is of the total waste. A very simple thing you can do for fast loading is to use the less plugins and embed the required code directly in your theme files.

But if you are concerned with more fast loading & have good number of daily visitors.

I have started using “MaxCDN” on my site to give mine visitors better experience while surfing the site.

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What is MaxCDN?

This can help you for the faster software downloads, smoother serving creatives, or just ramped-up reliability. This will automatically pull the data from a location that you specify upon the first request for the file. The files are served to the end user from either the Subdomain of or the custom domain (sub domain) of your choice that point to the CDN.

How This can Help?

  • Increase number of page views because of fast loading
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Happier the visitors
  • Reduce the server stress

How to set up MaxCDN?

MaxCDN can be easily integrated with wordpress. Here is the full tutorial about how to integrate.

  1. Create Pull Zone


  1. Goto your Cpanel & enter in Simple DNS Zone Editor


Select your Domain name


Add the CNAME Record maxcdn

Name : which you have created there

CNAME : you will get CNAME like

Click on the Add CNAME Record

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  1. Configure W3 Total Cache for MaxCDN

Goto the General Setting and find CDN maxcdn

Go to the CDN maxcdn

After setting up the all click on Test NetDNA. If everything is correct it will give you the Test Passed

You will find the API ID and API key from MaxCDN maxcdn

So use MaxCDN and make your site loading Fast. If you have any kind of issue while setting up CDN then comment below and I would be happy to help you. You can also join my Facebook group to stay engaged with me there.


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