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Article Writing become most important for every blogger. Blogging is the wonderful technique to draw more visitors to your site. Not only can it help you or your company to develop the persona within the online community, but it will also improve the website’s search engine optimization. These two factors alone make it almost necessary for you to have the blog. For the any blogger, writer’s blog eventually strikes.

Let’s Overcome Obstacles in Article Writing

It makes sense that it would happen when you are faced with the writing new articles on a regular and frequent basis all within the niche topic so have some Obstacles in Article Writing. Here are the some ideas for coming up with new, SEO and reader-friendly topics.

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Adwords Keyword Planner Tool

The Google Adwords has an excellent keyword tool that lets you research your keywords so can remove your Obstacles in Article Writing. By the entering a keyword for your topic, you can see the ways people are actually searching for that word. By utilizing these phrases, you can come up with the new topics that are even better for SEO than what you were originally using.


Spend the time reading other blogs in your blogging community. Not only is it good etiquette to read the other blogs and comment, but it also helps your own blog. See what topics people have written about in past and what has sparked conversation in the comments or encouraged sharing. These are the good topics to explore on your own blog.


Similarly, spend some time exploring the forums related to your blog’s niche topic. Frequently, the forums are where readers turn with their questions or where information junkies will share rumors about field. If there are questions that need answering or rumors that need validation or to be proven wrong, do research and provide the response on your blog. If there is no accurate response available, you can still report about it, just be sure you site if it is a rumor or if you are only speculating at the answer. These posts will be still bring conversation to your blog. The forum posting is the best way to understand Obstacles in Article Writing because here you will get the real opinions.

Set up Google News Alerts

Set up the daily Google News Alert for different keywords relating to your topic. You can be emailed every morning with the latest news. You may be able to draw directly from these stories and report latest news on your blog. You can also use these alerts as the inspiration for other topics.

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Traffic Statistics

You should regularly be checking traffic statistics for your site anyways, so this is an easy one. Take the note of what blog posts have gotten the most shares, reads, +1’s, or comments. These are the topics worth exploring further. See if you can develop the new topics around them or update the news surrounding them.


Instead of cramming a great blog topic into the one post, make it into the series. Digital readers are notorious for wanting to skim, so this strategies works with them. Write more about subtopics and draw readers back for the next installation.

So once you will implement all of these methods then your writing will improve in and astonishing manner and you will get rid of all Obstacles in Article Writing. Don’t forget to subscribe and join Facebook Group.


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