On Page SEO

Search engine optimization become most popular thing among developer and bloggers. On Page SEO is a major factor for content writer, publisher and bloggers. There are millions of people who are writing on the same topic. Even I am writing On Page SEO, which is most common topic but still I have my own worth in search engines.

Every blogger have its own reputation among readers. So don’t afraid of competition. There is nothing like impossible in the blogging career. You can still have chance to change your reputation in search engine. This is not just word of mouth it’s reality which you will feel after implement the following factors.

Basically On Page SEO is major factor to rank your content in search engine. This is the strategy to manipulate search engine bots to give importance to your content. If you write 5 articles a day, and even single one don’t know you are writing something. Then how you can imagine you are a good blogger.

Let’s Started On Page SEO

Just stop here, you need On Page SEO most. Because it will help you to convey your message to search engine, “Hey Google, I am writing this or that did you know? So when someone search this refer me okay !”. Search engines are dependent on you, as much good you are in On Page SEO you can rank any piece of content. Get started with On Page SEO to introduce your content in search engines.

1st Title – On Page SEO

Whenever you are going to write any article, try to select title wisely. Because if title is something else which is not matched with the content, then you failed to gain attention of readers and search engine bots. Try to include keywords in your title. Remember keyword must be your starting words of title, because it will help bots to sort searched pages. As much keyword is closer to the beginning of title you have more change to get ranked in search engine.

2nd Slug – On Page SEO

Slug is another name of URL. Try to add keywords in your slug and remove adverbs etc like, is,am,are. Try to generated slug pure on keywords like, I have selected slug of this post as On-Page-SEO. It will help search engine bots to determine what the content actually related to. Pure keyword based slugs have more change to ranked instead of sentences. Remember your slug need to be shorter but not longer than 5 words.

3rd Meta Keyword – On Page SEO

Oh yeah! Most important factor of search engine optimization. But wait, if your content is based on games and you have declared Meta keywords of “make money”, is this fair. Let me tell you one think always declare those keywords which are part of your content not apart of them. Because you can’t manipulate search engine bots for this tricks. They will simple panelized you for you’re these handy tricks. If your content is based on games then declare relative Meta keywords, like top games, best games etc.  By this you can get ranked legally and get original traffic which can become your permanent readers.

4th Meta description – On Page SEO

Same as the Meta keywords it has same story. Beginner try to attract traffic used cheap tricks and override Meta description is one of them after Meta keywords. Never try this, what you need to do is write separate 150 to 160 character description including your main keyword on which you want to rank. Meta description must relate to you content just like Meta keywords.

5th Keyword Emphasis – On Page SEO

If you are writing on the game and even once you don’t used the keyword “game”. How can search engine bots can understand the content is related to games genre. So you have to use the keyword again and again in your whole content. Used the keywords in headlines, like H1, H2 and bold the keywords to enhance the nomination.  After this it’s become easy to identify the content for readers and search engine bots too.

6th Keyword Ratio – On Page SEO  

Keyword ration against the article matter lot in On Page search engine optimization. According to experts they said, 5 percent of keyword is enough to dominate the importance of searchable keyword. According to Yoast, 3 percent of keyword is enough. I will recommend going with Yoast advice. Repetition of keyword is most important factor with the ratio. Long tail keywords have more change than short tail keywords to be ranked.

7th Alt Text – On Page SEO

Don’t leave black Alternative text of any image. Always name the image with keyword and used keywords in alternative text of image. Sometimes reader comes on your site by searching images from search engine. If you left blank the ALT Text you are losing an opportunity in SEO success.



On page search engine optimization is all about keyword placing in the article. If you left any On Page SEO factor which is mention above you are losing the chance to be ranked. Pay more attention on keyword while writing an article. Become better writer or become blogger doesn’t matter if you don’t have well On Page SEO skills. To rank your content always try long tail keywords with minimum 2 percentage ratio to get insane results. Kindly join my Facebook Group and met amazing bloggers, ask questions and share knowledge.


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