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Domain Name

5 Things Before Selecting Domain Name

Domain name is the prime thing which tells your audience that what your blog is all about. One can easily guess the type of the content you will be having in your...

4 Ways To Get Social Media Attention

Do you use social media? Yeah!, You should. After all, since there are 2.3 billion active social media users. You can use social media sites for variety of reasons. If you are blogger or...
Page Level Google Ranking Factors

Top Page Level Google Ranking Factors

After long search I have finally conclude top page level google ranking factors which improve your ranking among other websites. I am also use to of these checkpoints to make my...
Interesting Presentation

10 Secrets Of Making Interesting Presentation

Lot of people is not good at public speaking because they don’t create interesting presentation. You could say that virtually everyone needs to get some practice and preferably good guidance. Before...
effective presentation

What Factors Makes Effective Presentation

This is very common question every presenter has in mind, “what makes effective presentation”. Presentation is way to convey information, knowledge and message in the systematical or accepted way. To represent...
business presentation

Business Presentation and Their Six Types

Business presentation is the term in which someone expresses the business with the help of gestures, graphs, and reports overview. Basically presentation mean to convey any idea in your own way...

FotoJet An all-in-one Online Tool for Graphics Designing

FotoJet, An all-in-one Online Tool for Graphics Designing, Collage Making and Photo Editing. Those days, there are so many online tools for people to make all kinds of art works. However...
On Page SEO Checklist

On Page SEO Checklist For Blogger 2017

Search engine optimization is most searched and hot topic. SEO is essential for every site and very vast field to learn. On Page SEO is one aspect of this. This will...
On Page SEO Checklist

10 Important Points From On Page SEO Checklist

After 9 essential on page seo checklist I have to share 10 important points from on page seo checklist. I hope you will really enjoy my last article. In this you...
Print Formatted

Java Programming – Print Formatted

In this video I have explained, how you can use the system.out.printf function to show output on the screen. This line of code is known as the print formatted statement in...

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