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If you are the freelance or good writer and want to take some paid writing jobs online, then you are at the write place. Because the author of this post is also the living example of writer. I believe that paid writing jobs are best for the blogger to reveal their stress online.

Any ways in this article I’m going to reveal some best sites which will help you to explore your topics to earn some money by writing jobs. It’s not the hard task to write 500 words for 10 to 50 dollars.

When I have started the blogging no one there to teach me the real truth and that’s why I have to suffer approx 3 years with hard working which have no path to the end, and now by the grace of ALLAH Almighty, I’m able to create my ways online.


I’m sharing my pocket money with you now, the best site I have found worthy for me to pay my bills of website hosting. I have earn 5$ to 30$ per 300 words article from this website – Sponsored Reviews

If you have blog or website and doing blogging with two good factors

  1. Alexa Ranking
  2. Majestic Backlink Score

Then you can easily earn approx 50$ per month by writing 3 to 4 articles or may be more it’s vary from the ranking to ranking, In the past I have very good ranking and have earn 75$ per month but now my main target is something else that’s why I’m not paying attention to improve my alexa ranking.

Get Paid Writing Jobs Online

Paid Writing Jobs

Let’s start to know about those site who will offer your to get paid writing jobs easily, before that you have to consider that you are good and creative writer and don’t copy any content from the internet and don’t try to cheat someone for sake of money.

This is the top freelancer community where freelance post gigs mean small offers of 5$ and you can get any service at the cost of 5$, if you have great writing skills then you can create the effective writing gig and get lot of offers from the clients.

Here you will found the health dose of the copy writing jobs, you can also search postings by the categories. Whatever the niche you want to pickup can be easily available. If you are wanted someone to write your content then you can also hire other here on every subject.

This domain focus on the journalism , there are also editing and ad copy writing job and other jobs related to creative writing skills. Some of the jobs are the location based and some are remotely.

You can check the freelance section of this website for the wide range of the jobs from multi industries like Television, Marketing Optimizer, Magazine and books publishing and social media type in short something for everyone.

This is the one of the best top job board for telecommunication, FlexJobs avail you to create custom jobs and search profile to met the desire required jobs. You can even select many jobs under the writing category, or state the check like your prefer work time extra. You can also set the alarm emails on your desire jobs type.

This is the weekly newsletter which provide you the nice compendium freelancing writing and editing jobs for all the shapes and size around the web with pap per word rates. Now save your time by visiting lot of site in search of the work, just put your email in the newsletter and forget everything.

By Darren Rowse [ProBlogger], this is an authority site on the blogging, and you know jobs listed here will be from the serious employers who have an idea about good writing is really worth. Plus point you have great reference in the blogosphere, you can often find more jobs posted by some big-time blogs here.

This is the best for the newbies to get started with the writing job, if you want to sort the jobs from the specific genre then you can also do that here. Now you are free to narrow your displayed results for the jobs.

Sophie Lizard’s created a community which have the featured this job board, where writers met the clients, each opportunity paid 50$ per post to 10 cent per word.

Did you have the LinkedIn profile? not yet ! then create now to get access to many amazing features, one of them is the job listing feature of the LinkedIn. LinkedIn is also an underground freelancing site.

While you are making the network of people there must check the job section of the LinkedIn and you can also signup for the jobs newsletter, if you signup then whenever the jobs is posted you will get straight emails in your inbox.