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As a writer, I actually would not mind this at all. You are helping me get my free content out there. People do this through social media all time but in a different way.

I have a lot of free content because I want to help people and want people to see it. Mimicry is the highest form of compliment, as they say. peoples articles 

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People do this and there is a way to do it without hurting the author, so I will share with you the way that does not hurt the author since many do it anyway.peoples articles

1Make sure that their post has been up for at least 30 days. Why? because search engines need time to find them and index their blog. If you do this earlier, then search engines may think you are the original unless they have taken precautions like making their site canonical with some basic coding. (For the old school SEO people, search engines are much smarter than you think and they do not consider this duplicate content.) peoples articles peoples articles 

2As you mentioned, Always list the original author and link back to their website. They can always disavow your link if they want to.

3Don’t allow advertisers to put offensive ads on their work. People who visit might think that the author authorized hateful, controversial or offensive ads. That would hurt their reputation. peoples articles 

4Do not alter their text in any way, unless you are fixing a typo. If they have links in their text, make sure you include them. peoples articles 

5It never hurts to ask. Explain that you are helping them promote their content and that you are taking the above precautions so as not to damage their reputation or their ranking with search engines. peoples articles 


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