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Blogging is amongst the most interesting and the advantageous ways to market your brand over the Internet. It gives you the good source of social networking, personal and commercial marketing and promotion, the platform to showcase your talents and most often, a real good source of income.

Although there are many benefits of the blog over a usual website like its regular updating and ease of use, one of the greatest advantages of the blog is that you can easily change its look or theme without having it redesigned all the time.

After content, the theme is the most important element of the blog. That is why it is advised that whether you are starting the new blog or re-designing an existing one, pay special attention to the theme you want to incorporate.

How Picking The Blog Theme

  1. The First impressions

The first impression is the last impression’ is quite the cliché statement all over the time. However, it will never lose its value in terms of the blog theme. The first impression of your blog is highly dependent on the theme as the basic visitor is attracted by the design before getting into reading the content.

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From the ‘first impression’ it is meant that the theme should be so strong that it should quickly help the new visitor get an idea of what the blog is all about I mean by the topic. Don’t leave it to the visitors to explore the site and find out what it is all about, as very few will be willing to do so exploring.

  1. The SEO friendliness

Like petrol runs the vehicle, Search Engine Optimization runs the blog. The general misconception about SEO is that it relates to the content of the blog only. However, in reality your blog’s theme has the major impact on SEO.

The theme should be SEO-friendly in terms of its structure and the coding. The weakly coded theme can severely limit your reach to search engine visitors and will ultimately affect the popularity of your blog.

  1. The Readability

Readability is the key element that makes or breaks the visitors. Moreover, in this fast paced world, Internet users are always on the go and the reading is more or less replaced by the scanning the content of blogs.

Hence, while opting out the theme for your blog, keep its readability factor in mind in order for it to be successful. Usually, dark text on the light background has the best readability.

  1. The Color combinations

Blog, being the virtual medium of communication, depends the lot on colors and color combinations in order for it to be the attractive. Therefore the design and color scheme of the theme matters a lot and determines the effectiveness of your blog.

It is good to experiment the effectiveness and the attractiveness of your blog with different color schemes. In today’s world of Internet convenience, the theme comes with several color combinations by default which makes it even easier to experiment upon.

  1. The Uniqueness of theme

As I mentioned earlier, technological advancement has made it super easy for just anyone to start blog and manage it as well. The ease of acquiring a domain name, blog hosting and the pre-designed and pre coded theme, prompted many of us to have our own blog.

However, with more and more people entering the blogging zone, it has become quite the challenge to stand-out from the rest in terms of design and content of your blog. Therefore, when you choose the theme for your blog, must gauge its uniqueness, especially within the your market niche. You don’t necessarily need to have the theme that will wow your visitors, however, your theme must have something so rare and memorable that will help for branding purposes.

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  1. The Advertisement space

Blogging is the serious business, and from business, it is meant as the source of earning the few bucks. Mostly People use the knowledge factor in their respective fields to produce good content that attract visitors as well as the advertisers. Hence, your blog theme, must have proper space for the advertisements, without mingling with the basic content.

Although, the advertisements have virtually no impact on the usability of your blog, however, this the little favor you might want to do for yourself. After all, when you work so hard on the thing, you deserve to reap your share of success from it!

Blogging is the most interesting source of the social interaction, personal and commercial promotion and money-making. It comes with the ease of use-friendliness and the liberty of choosing the theme of your choice from the Internet without getting into the designing process.

The aforementioned tips should be enable you to stand out from the large pool of blog themes available on the Internet in free. So whether you are planning to get the new blog made or re-designing the existing one, pay more special attention to the theme and go for the one that allows you to stand out but don’t forget to share this piece of work and must join Facebook Group.


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