The creators of PPC web spy pride themselves on their reputation, having created up to 15 bestselling software and been in the business for several years. In their words, the PPC web spy is one of their better creations. PPC Web Spy Review

Instead of the typical chunky standalone tools in the market, theirs is a small plug in that works as part of one’s web browser. With this small plugin, one can uncover just as much, even more, information about competitors and what they are doing differently. But what exactly does PPC web spy do? PPC Web Spy Review

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PPC Web Spy Review – Best Keyword Research Tool

With this tool, one will be able to quickly uncover Google Adword advertiser keywords. The process is extremely fast and takes all of a few seconds to complete. With these discovered keywords, one can launch their own campaigns and have the revenue rolling in. The PPC web spy tool also offers users the opportunity to view such useful data as

  • The specific adwords that one’s competitors have written and used for their money keywords PPC Web Spy Review
  • The cost per click, or any other amount that one’s competitors or industry operators are paying for every keyword on which they bid
  • The adword ranking of the competitor. With these results, one can be able to estimate the amount of money they need to spend on their site to get them to a similar level or in order to expect a similar set of results.
  • The total amount the competition spends daily via Google Adwords

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With the information about the keywords the competition is using, one can use the tool to generate a huge list of related keywords and phrases. One can also generate a large list of targeted keywords by inputting the domain names of one’s competitors. This technique enables the building of an even larger targeted keywords list.

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Additionally, one can see the keywords that people promoting products on such large commerce sites as, and are using. One can use this to look for potential super affiliates, and use the same or related keywords to attract business for their products. It is so impressive that one can see the actual landing page to which each adword advertiser is sending traffic to, without the need to click on those adwords and charge money. PPC Web Spy Review

Users can sign up for the free version, but it is the platinum upgrade that offers the best of the PPC web spy tool. On the platinum feature, one gets access to the powerful viral feature and other additional analysis tools. With the viral feature, one gets affiliate links for products that are placed on the top 1 and 2 positions in Google for any industry. With these features, one will be able to shave off hours of valuable time they would have spent doing tedious keyword research. PPC Web Spy Review

It is typically a tool that allows users to see what their competitors are doing to drive traffic. It works real time as one browses the net, has been developed by one of the most respected industry names and works in a surprisingly short time. PPC Web Spy Review

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  • No recurring monthly fee:
    With PPC Web Spy, you get to avoid the recurring monthly fee which is a feature of other tools in the same niche of operation. With no recurring fee, users are made to have an easy time when managing their experience which process to be worth the while in terms of limiting expenditure for the SEO marketing strategy.
  • Workings in real time:
    The beauty with this tool is that its workings are structured in real time. This is to say that any adjustments and results are tallied in real time which gives an updated setting whenever it is used giving users a quality setting that is both unrivalled and professional in its approach. Working in real time also allows users to make the necessary tweaks which can transform a marketing campaign and ensure an effective approach is initiated.
  • Shows average costs:
    PPC Web Spy is by far the best tool when it comes to showing the costs for the marketing strategy. This is because a user is exposed to the average cost per click data, maximum cost per click data, click per day data and cost per day data. With all these orientations of data, a user is able to structure their campaign and plan its operation from the time they need it to commence. PPC Web Spy Review
  • Access to AdWords promoters are marketing:
    This is another peculiar upside to having this tool since it gives a user the flexibility to note and identify the AdWords that are making the waves and how they can utilize the same in order to benefit. This also exposes users to the affiliate marketers who they can partner with and source links from to build traffic and also establish a rise in the rankings of search engines. PPC Web Spy Review
  • Exposure to internet prefaces that attract customers:
    This tool is very effective in ensuring that users save time in finding the prefaces that clients and leads are attracted to. This gives the users the ability to structure their marketing campaign around the factors that attract clients which makes for a successful strategy in increasing traffic and enabling a rise in search engine rankings.
  • Free basic level:
    PPC Web Spy offers individuals the chance to enjoy a free basic level usage of the tool. With this opportunity, a user can be able to learn the operational aspects of the tool and hence achieve a functional state after which they can source for the paid version of the same. PPC Web Spy Review
  • Access to amount competitors are spending:
    When a user has this tool, they can get access to the figures and amounts their competitors are using in creating their marketing strategy. This is largely in the keyword structuring setting and AdWords marketing process. This allows a user to make the necessary adjustments to keep in line with the competition. PPC Web Spy Review

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  • Firefox add on:
    PPC Web Spy is a Firefox add on and thus integration to other platforms is a task for users. This limits the users to the use of Firefox. PPC Web Spy Review
PPC Web Spy is a new and revolutionary keyword research software created by renowned internet marketer Brad Callen that allows you to uncover in real-time any Google Adwords advertiser’s keywords in only a few seconds. – PPC Web Spy Review


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