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Hey folks my name is Junaid and I am a professional blogger I am doing blogging from 15 months there are many things which I have learned from other bloggers I think blogging is a tough job because in this you have to maintain the SEO reputation of your blog and on other hand you have to maintain the content quality.

In the building of The blogging carrier I have read many blog post of other bloggers and learn only one thing and that is to just writing the quality content, introduce new topics, use images to increase the productivity of the content, create good relationship with other bloggers, share your content on social media, create backlink as much as you can but don’t use PBN.

Speech Blogging the Future of Content Wrtting

After writing almost 130 blog post no I am getting sick by writing content so I decide why should I need to write instead I can use online speech programs. I think it is the easiest to be to share the content with your visitor. I mean by the speech content or speech blogging. I highly recommend to use speech software which will help you to convert your voice into the text which is much easier to write long content in just a few minutes.

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In my prospective speech blogging is awesome there is no doubt it is a great innovation in the market of search engine optimization. There is a point why I said search engine optimization innovation because you can write thousands of words by just speaking you don’t need to type from your fingers.

I have seen many bloggers who just recommend things but don’t implement on their own self but I am implementing it by my own. My this article is actually speech blogging part because I am speaking and this letting go my words my speech my voice into the actual words. I don’t have english as my native language my personal native language is Urdu and Punjabi. That’s why I have to change letter some little how because of my pronunciation which is not like the Americans and British.

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I have written almost four hundred words in just five minute speech, but you can do more because as much as you have good English and pronunciation it is very easy to writing long content in just few minutes. By the way I am using http://speechnotes.co this is not a premium product it is free for all to use online from the Google you can easily search it from the Google and the let go.

Now I am thinking to permanently use speech software to do speech blogging instead of content writing, because of my job and my studies I have very short time to write content and to introduce new ideas you have to spend lot of time on the brainstorming.

Bloggers opinions

Some of blogger said that whenever any visitors come to your blog spot or blog or on your website via you are sharing your content your thoughts and your skills, reader mostly prefer that content which is easy to read, and if you have user-friendly content you can easily rank in social media and search engine optimization. I have read somewhere else on the Google write your content as you speaking from other people, because the real charm of a blogger is to write content as you are talking with someone. There are many Pioneer blogger who have their own writing schemes, in simple words the tone of content, I mean whenever you read something by pioneer blogger and you will see that they are really talking with you instead of writing content. Speech Blogging


Finally I have concluded that you must need to use speech blogging, this is really amazing aspect of Google which I’d really like and appreciate because now I have to put less effort and get much from it. No I don’t need to worry about to write content and spend much time on it. I would like to know your prospective your reviews through the comments right below please share if you like my content and his amazing Innovation website.

Finally speech blogging is the future, let rest your fingers, start your lips to share your thoughts.


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