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Hey my name is Junaid Shahid. Today am here to motivate you for start blogging. Because the biggest business right now on internet is blogging. There are many free bloggers who are writing blogging topics. To become better writer or in other words to become blogger. There are also many business bloggers who are earning thousands of dollars from just doing blogging.

If you are beginner of want to earn some handsome amount at home. Then you need to start blogging today. Blogging is toughest business but most successful than any other business. As you can see I am also a blogger and running blogging topics. There are many newbie’s who just inspired from top bloggers and try to become blogger. But they even don’t now to become blogger they need to become better writer first. Because content is always the king on search engines.

As much good content someone have on the blog as much ranking occurs. Blogging take long time for stability. If you just start blogging then cheers. You are on the right path. I have some expert tips for you to become successful blogger.

Start Blogging Tips

  • Before write articles study for 60 minutes
  • Always write brief and concise
  • Always give courtesy to your readers
  • Include valuable reference at least one in each post like Wikipedia
  • Try to complete your message with in an article
  • Always conclude you topic
  • Write at least 500 words for better results
  • Write on relevant topics
  • Include the link of previous articles in the fresh one

Let’s come on the main point for start blogging. First you need a domain with relative to the topic on which you want to start blogging. You must need to view (namecheckr) for the branding purpose. Which mean the same username on all the social website. By this strategy user can easily reminds you and found you on any platform.

There are many blogging platforms for take startups. Most popular bloggers of this era take startup with blogger and then moved to WordPress. This strategy really worked because blogger is owned by Google. So that’s why google preferred the blogger rather than any other blogging platforms. Just start blogging with blogger and forget the about SEO. Google is automatically index blog-spots daily and no need to submit any sitemap on google webmaster tools. The best part is blogger is developed on simple HTML & CSS so you can easily edit it. There are thousands of free templates for bloggers. Select it wisely and just go on to your journey to become blogger.

Final words

I just try to explain in simple words how to start blogging. There is nothing harder expecting the investment of the time in this business. If you have any question please let me know about that. If you found any misspell and mistakes in my content leave your comments. Sharing is caring if you found this is informative let other know about it. So they can also get an inspiration from this piece of work.


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