Google has recently started to consider the page’s loading time as one of the factors for indexing it on Google. There are the various things which you can do to reduce your page’s loading time but all of them are not that much effective. Some of them are the even bogus, while some of them can even deteriorate your site’s indexing position.

So choosing the ways to reduce page’s loading time is the crucial and sophisticated thing but you better don’t worry because we have compiled the list of Top five Ways to Reduce Page’s Loading Time. All of the tips mentioned below are the tested ones, so you don’t have to be worry about your site’s deterioration in ranking and in other aspects of blogging.

Suggested Blogging Tips:

Keep the Check

You should need kick-off by testing your site’s loading speed. There are many various tools present on the web which can allow you to calculate the amount of time your site is taking to completely load. Some of those tools are the Pingdom, Page Speed and Web Page Speed. All of them are completely free of cost and are really useful.

The Image Optimization

You should firstly minimize the use of the images in your post; secondly I suggest you to upload images of .jpg and .png format because they load comparatively faster than the others and ultimately reduce your site’s loading time. Image optimization is the necessary for SEO too.

Minimize The JavaScripts

JavaScripts are really complicated piece of the code, it takes some time for the computer to analyze the code and show you the result. So don’t rely on the JavaScripts too much because it can considerably slower down your site. Plugins, Widgets etc are the things which use JavaScripts a lot and become cause of loading time.

The Hosting

Hosting too is an important factor for the reducing your site’s loading time but almost everyone skips it. Always choose the hosting where you get more space, bandwidth and security. Allow your site to operate in the free-space environment. The Hostgator, Hostable etc hosting plans are quite good and you can rely on them.

Suggested Blogging Tips:

The 301 Redirects

301 HTTP request transfers you from one page of the web to another. It’s being used on the huge scale nowadays, perhaps because it’s a good way to retain site’s organic traffic. The Bloggers do this thing when they find the previous domain uncomfortable, this way they also increases their site’s loading time. I suggest you to reduce the amount of 301 requests on your site as much as possible.

Remember keep all these factors in mind because Loading Time is on the thing which will give you more quality readers. In this all don’t forget to share your views and join my Facebook Group.


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