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Hey my name is Junaid shahid. In this article I am sharing commentluv blogs list. As you know in my previous article commentluv blog. I have shared top 4 commentluv blog which are my favorite one. The beginner blogger are not familiar with backlink strategies. That’s why am here to give you opportunity to earn backlinks.

It’s very hard to found top ranking blogs from where you can earn backlink. The professional blogger use premium SEO tools to extract the desire results. But beginner can’t afford the premium tools in the startup of blogging career. This list is not for just earning backlinks, this is for business communication. You can develop friendship with other professional bloggers and grasp their experiences.

Backlink is nothing itself, if you don’t have blogger friends. Without friends there is no more business. In the beginning you found no one to help you that are why most of bloggers face failure in the beginning. To boost your blogging experience every one need a good friend.

I use only commentluv blog to earn backlinks. But I have also blogger friends which help me and encourage me in the blogging. Erik is one of them who are most humble toward beginners. He is really a great blogger I have learned much from him. If you are utilizing this commentluv blogs list, never used only for backlinks.

Try to develop friendship with other bloggers. It will really help you to enhance the blogging experience. Individually blogging is nothing, you need supporters and guidance provider. Who read your words and points your mistakes.

CommentLuv Blogs List


These commentluv blogs list is for beginners. To develop friendship with professional bloggers and earn some backlinks for enhanced the blog traffic. I hope this is very helpful for you. If you found any broken link please update me with comments. You can also join my Facebook Group.



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