Rana Resort

Hey my name is Junaid shahid and today I have to share my personal trip review. Tomorrow 24 Dec I am on university trip toward Rana resort and Safari Park. Every journey of life is incomplete unless you have someone with you who enhance your joy. I have experienced a great journey with my classmates. Everyone have classmates, but the point am sharing here is that classmate of university are not common thing in your life. Because they are one who are professionals, not only students.

Am honored that, I have team of future engineers. This makes my journey pleasant. There is another thing, which is a great teacher. Great teachers are not less than blessings of ALLAH Almighty. I can say am blessed much. Because I have many great teachers with me in this journey. But still something is missing in this trip which was senior teachers. I respect them lot, but their absence gap is not be filled.

In the morning of winter it’s really hard to drive 8 Km long pathway for the bus of university. Finally I have got the bus seat on time. Coincidence is that my all classmates are on the most back seat of bus expect one of them Awais Ahmed. Anyways the journey toward Rana resort is start with ignition.

During the bus drive there are many moments which I enjoyed but can’t explain them in words. After ninety minutes bus drive finally arrived at rana resort. The best part of Rana resort in my view is the bamboo jungle. Expect this, I all the things are common which I have seen. The bamboo jungle is 3.5 Km walkway with full nature silence. I have heard many bird voices there buzzing somewhere in the jungle. Suddenly I have view the quote written on the wall of bamboo “nature is pleased with simplicity”. Yeah the nature which I have observed inside the bamboo jungle is really simple and pleasurable for anyone.

nature is pleased with simplicity

After spending two hours in bamboo jungle it’s time for lunch. I swear that lunch was really pleasurable for me. This was box of Chinese Rice and One Nestlé Juice. I desire to have two boxes because of the taste. After that I have taken the Ride of Horse, which I enjoyed much. This was first time when I ride horse.

Horse Ride

Once again I am in the bus after the lunch. The best part of journey is started in the bus when the journey is moving toward ending. I have created many slogans with my section in the competition of other sections. After this I finally return to university and journey is over.

Thanks To Teachers:

  • Sir Safique
  • Sir Shehzad
  • Sir Abu Bakar

Thanks To Classmates:

  • Muhammad Madhat
  • Nabeel Sabir
  • Makshif Ahmed
  • Tayyab Yaseen
  • Awais Ahmed
  • Saleem Manzoor
  • Haider Raza
  • Umar Shokat
  • Wassem Khan
  • Zahid Saeed

Section A


I really appreciate the efforts of teachers which are great. This journey is no possible without the efforts of Mr. Rafique, Mr. Shehzad and Mr. Abu Bakar. They make my journey memorable with their presence. But am not forgetting the efforts of Zubair to arrange this beautiful trip to rana resort. What I conclude without teacher there is nothing like word student in world. Good friends are not always your classmates. Every classmate is not wanted to be part of your happiness. Nature realized you silence is beauty. One last point without management of anything there is nothing. Thanks to my teachers and all mates who make this journey successful.

Section a


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