UOG GPA Calculator

Hey dear I am Junaid Shahid, Hope you are fine. Today I am going to share my own developed UOG GPA Calculator. It is developed in C#. I have experience that when any student passed 12th grade, and take admission in any university. It’s difficult to understand the environment of university. Also the most important grading system which is totally different then collage system.

That’s why I like to developed software which will helps student to understand the grading system. But this software is only for the UOG, because every university has its own grading system. So I have design this software on the grading system of UOG. The best part of this software is that any person who is belonged to any Sub campus of UOG and be entertained from it.

This software is reliable and easy to share with anyone. It is just EXE file of approx 1 MB. It is just developed for the new comers who are waiting to verify their results.

How to use UOG GPA Calculator

You must have to know what your grades which are alphabetically represented. Then you have to know you courses credit hours, which mean how many hours you spend to study a course in one week. Like if you are taking 1 hour lecture 3 times in one week then its mean this course is of 3 credit hours. But if you are taking 1 hour lab also then it will be of 4 credit hours and so on you can calculate it by your own.

UOG GPA Calculator

Then simply put the values in the software and press the calculate button. The results are generated which will tells you about your GPA in your given courses and in the last it’s showing you, your semester CGPA.

If you are facing any problem you can contact me through these buttons. In which my social profile is also included please like my page and keep eye on my amazing content.

Final words

If you have any suggestion please let me know about your reviews through the comments. I always try to write something new. Because it’s make me better writer so that in this sense I can become blogger. Thanks once again for read my content, if you think it’s really a contribution to new comers then introduced them with this UOG GPA Calculator


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