Offline Promotion

Offline Promotion become important factor to increase website traffic. The only surefire way to make any site successful is by attracting the huge number of visitors to it and then to make them visit regularly and more frequently. Making them “subscribe” to your site would be best thing ever since they would help you gauge who effective you’re online and Offline Promotion strategies have been.

Your subscribers are the life forces behind entire your online initiatives. Let’s make sure your subscription options are placed high up and obviously visible on the site.

You may think the core focus should be on the online marketing but you really need it to tap into the possibilities of offline Promotion as well to attract more visitors to your site. This would help your site get more qualified leads and prove to be very effective in them making them permanent subscribers. Okay firstly, let’s define what offline Promotion is? It is a means of depicting the character of a product or service purely on the basis of its manifestation, sort of a mental shortcut to form an opinion about something new.


Now, I will elaborate on some tips in order to inculcate Offline Promotion strategies into your online marketing existence.

  1. Message Integration: 

    Since the most online visitors from their buying decisions based on the information they get through offline sources, focus on creating mutually harmonized marketing themes. All taglines, messages, product descriptions and slogans should be coherent enough so that the first time visitor could easily relate your online persona to the offline one and create a mental linkage.

  2. So Look-&-Feel Match: 

    Your offline branding should be tailor-cut according to your online marketing efforts and fit into each other to match the overall “look-&-feel” of the product or service. This would enhance visibility and the brand recognition and help you attain top of the mind recall from all your subscribers. Work very carefully on your brand colors and design keeping in the mind both online and offline Promotion needs.

  3. URL Insertion: 

    So make sure you include the URL of your website on every print and publishing item in the company. This is not going to cost you any extra penny but would have great impact on increasing your potential leads. Put your website address on your visiting cards, letterheads, brochures, annual reports, invoices, print advertisements, car signage and even on the company office main door.

  4. SEO Keywords: 

    You already know the importance of instilling keywords in your website to get the better search engine page ranking. By using keywords from your Offline Promotion material onto your website page, you would increase your brand recall. It would be the good idea to bid for all your brand related keywords so that you get exclusive rights to use them.


Final Words

People usually respond more to the Offline Promotion strategies because it engages them on the subconscious level and therefore guarantees action-oriented decisions. Using this psychological tool of the offline marketing to generate more traffic for your site is the free of cost method and mostly overlooked due to its less aggressive approach. Don’t forget to join Facebook Group.


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