what are backlinks

Hey am Junaid Shahid. Today am going to share “what are backlinks” with you. The basic backlink definition is to create a reference for any website. Such as if Bill Gates is my friend then its understood thing I am also bigger personality. As much we have popular friends we are also become popular. So backlinking is the Basic SEO Technique. Which is also called SEO Backlinks.

Now days there are thousands of websites and blogs created in one day. And as we observe we never view even 1000 of them a day. Just because we don’t want to know about website. We just want to know the solution of our problems. The main point in this example is what’s happened to other websites. The answer is they go died. Because the reason is no one known about their presence.

Why we need Backlink SEO?

Because website is nothing if there is not any search engine presence. That’s why we have to create backlinks. This is a reference link from other website as courtesy. As much I have backlinks to my website, as much am going to be popular. Even I am too doing backlinking daily.

Building Backlinks Tips !

  • Never used backlinks generator
  • Never find free backlinks

Always try to create backlinking by your own. Because when you create backlinking owns other website owner will know about yourself and start about your presence. By this you will get SEO boosted quickly.

Some backlinking Tools !

There are many SEO tools for backlinking purpose. But what I recommend is used only two tools which are enough to better SEO. First is backlinks checker, by which you can easily know about your backlinking and the status of your website. Such as the representational status after creating backlinking.

The other one is finding backlinks. By this tool you can know about your and other backlinks too. Both are worked same in some way but both have different qualities. You can also use one instead of both.

Final words

Always keep in mind if SEO backlinking have good effect on your website then they also hand bad impact too. So always be very careful in the matter of backlinking. Don’t create backlinks form adult or ambiguous websites. They can harm your website in the eye of SEO. Build strong relations with other bloggers. If you found any uninformative content and ambiguous think in this post, please let me know and leave your comments for courtesy.


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