Agile and Test-Driven Development

Agile and Test-Driven Development

This is an advanced and ad-hoc development model to support those software’s which are not mature and developing from scratch. Software development is totally sifted toward new trends & methodologies such as agile or kanban etc

Which means to operate large scale software development need adaptable process to identify loop holes in development and resisting excessive forward planning of project.

Agile development process allow many open source tools which help to smooth the software development.

Mostly used approaches in software development is test driven (TDD) and behavior driven development (BDD). Basically to assure the quality of the software engineers first define the behavior which is usually known as the specification. Then after implementation they can easily test the happy flow based on the behavior. There are many tools in .NET which supports TDD/BDD but these mostly not supported to web forms

1 – Unit Test

It will help to identify the individual flaws of isolated code (Classes). These tools are only effective on such software’s which are based on integrated modules. In this way we can assure quality and correctness of each independent feature. Only few web forms applications are testable via these tools.

2 – UI automation

It will help you to execute multiple interactions on the independent module of application. It is also applicable to web forms, because main testing is based on the user interaction. A slight change can also break the flow of interaction test so, testers have to again test the whole series of interaction to assure the correctness.

.NET Framework is open source and independently provide many top quality tools.

In the traditional ASP Web Forms we can’t utilize these top notch tools & techniques due to it’s monolithic design.