How to become Better Writer

How to become Better Writer

Hey everyone I am Junaid Shahid. Today I want to explain “How to become a better writer”. Since am doing blogging I have learned now, an important thing which is writing. The most beautiful and amazing tool for any website. Which is not god gifted or like so, anyone can be a good writer. But the main point is you need any inspiration for writing as am doing.

But what is my inspiration? It’s my followers only. I purchased this domain a few years ago and developed it so many times. But even once I can’t choose the genre of my own domain. This is a very bad thing for me to face the doom period of my website traffic. So now once again am here to make it alive in Google.

This way you become Better Writer

To improve writing skills you have to write multiple times a day. On multiple topics for enhanced typing speed. Then you need strong knowledge which comes from the back-end study. In the last, you need passion.

Essentials to become better writer.

  • Typing speed
  • Strong knowledge
  • Passion of writing

In a normal case, you don’t need typing speed but if you have it, you are able to write many articles a day. As much as you write articles the beauty of words increases. What I observe as a blogger is, end users are not involved immediately in your website. The first impression of a website is the last because your user is always a person who is in seeking knowledge. If you provide plagiarized data which is copied from another website then you are losing the trust of Google.

The best tip for plagiarized content owners is to immediately remove the content and try to write their own original content. If you will do not write and copy from other sites then you are giving them the worth of your own website. On other hand, you are losing the skills of writing.

After this, you need a strong knowledge of the problem on which you are going to write. Because the user is seeking something new and unique from your website. If you are giving the same old information user will stop following your content. Always try to introduce something new to your users. Such as if you are reading this post, then it means there is something present in this article which is involving you to read. This is just because of strong knowledge.

In the last part am just here to motivate you to increase your passion in you. Be passionate about writing solutions. In the starting you don’t get any reward but trust me in last you do not credit less. End users became permanent followers and you are like a brand name within 3 to 5 months.

Better Writer Tips

Always maintain your attitude in your articles. To give respect to your users and to fall in love with your words. Always consider the power of the seven c’s, because the collection of these 7 c’s can create your article on among others website in the eye of Search Engines. Give importance to courtesy and cohesiveness of the article. Whatever your write make sure that is comprehensive and complete. In this sense, you can become blogger too soon.

If you are interested to share your views with me on this topic, or you think that there is any ambiguity in my post, you are welcome to improve my mistakes because it makes me near to perfect. Share your thoughts in the comments. I am waiting to know who you are and what you know to be a better writer.