Dorin is the well known refrigeration company that provides large range of refrigeration for multiple things. Dorin has 95 years of history in refrigeration compressors. Dorin is a consolidated industry, known throughout the world and continues to grow.

CO2 refrigeration compressors by Dorin

Dorin offers CO2 refrigeration compressors. Dorin is an Italy based company that offers complete and diversified range of compressors for refrigeration and air conditioner. With the short limit of time Dorin make a name in world market as a brand. Dorin the Company founded in 1918. Dorin is active in the field of refrigeration since 1932.

CO2 Unique Physical Properties

CO2 refrigeration compressors are very well known due to his unique physical properties. CO2 provide best solution for refrigeration compressors. CO2 refrigeration compressors are widely used due to his best and unique qualities. Most big companies used CO2 refrigeration compressors because it provides best solution for refrigeration’s.

Dorin use CO2 in refrigeration since 2000. Soon Dorin became a reference point for the use of CO2   in refrigeration compressors. The use of co2 in refrigeration is very affordable and nature friendly.

Good Environmental Impact

CO2 has very good environmental impact. From an environmental perspective, CO2 is a very attractive refrigerant with zero ODP and a GWP of 1. Co2 is naturally occurring substance and abundant in the atmosphere.

Efficient Use of Temperature And Pressure

CO2 provide efficient use of temperature and pressure. It is high pressure refrigerant where high pressure is required to operate and provide efficient operation. At the same time, CO2 also has low compression pressure. It also provides improve volumetric efficiency.

Cost Efficient

CO2 has many benefits due to its friendly nature. CO2 provides cost efficiency that’s why it is very used technology in refrigeration compressors. CO2 is a by-product in a number of different companies, so the price of CO2 is low. Hence CO2 systems are costly compared to traditional system due to high pressure. But it has friendly nature that makes co2 cost friendly.

Dorin Provide CO2 Refrigeration Compressors

Dorin also uses this CO2 technology due to his tremendous benefits. Dorin provide large range of CO2 compressors. Dorin CO2 refrigeration compressors are widely used due to its less cost and efficiency.