How to Install and Delete Modules in PowerShell

How to Install and Delete Modules in PowerShell

PowerShell modules are units of reusable, distributable, and script-based code that can be used to encapsulate and share functionality in PowerShell. Modules allow you to write and organize scripts in a consistent and maintainable way, and to easily reuse them in other scripts and projects. Modules can contain functions, cmdlets, providers, and workflows, and they can be written in PowerShell or in other languages, such as C#.

To create a module in PowerShell, you can use the New-Module cmdlet or create a script file with a .psm1 extension. You can then import the module into your PowerShell session using the Import-Module cmdlet or you can import it automatically by placing it in one of the directories specified in the PSModulePath environment variable.

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Modules are an important tool for organizing and sharing code in PowerShell, and they are widely used in both interactive shell sessions and automated scripts.

Install PowerShell Module

Delete PowerShell Module

To delete a PowerShell module, you can use the Remove-Module cmdlet. This cmdlet removes the module and its contents from the current session, or from the specified location in the module path.

Here is an example of how to use the Remove-Module the cmdlet to delete a module from the current session:

Remove-Module -Name MyModule

This will remove the module with the name “MyModule” from the current session.

You can also specify a particular version of the module to delete by using the -RequiredVersion parameter:

Remove-Module -Name MyModule -RequiredVersion 1.2.3

To delete a module from a specific location in the module path, you can use the -Path parameter:

Remove-Module -Path C:\path\to\module\MyModule.psm1

By default, the Remove-Module cmdlet only removes the module from the current session, but you can use the -Force parameter to remove the module from the module path as well.

For more information on the Remove-Module cmdlet and other ways to delete PowerShell modules, you can refer to the PowerShell documentation.