Learner Driving License Lahore Guide

Learner Driving License Lahore Guide
After a long time, I decided to create a learner’s driving license for my car and bike. I applied in 2015 when I don’t own a car or bike, but this application never continues and drops off. Now I just own a car and am worried about law enforcement on the highway. I have to travel a lot on the motorway. Thus a license is mandatory for preventing big losses.

Main Reason

People here in my city do not follow rules properly so your safety is your own responsibility. If you have a driving license and you are caught in any accident, in which you are the cause of the accident and another person doesn’t have a license and you have, then you are safe. Else you have to pay penalties which can extend to jail time also.
I’m not considering this to happen always but the probability of loss is high without a license. In Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan we have many centres called Police Khidmat Markaz. From where you can apply for a learner driving license and permanent driving license,  even you can get an international driving license also.

Police Khidmat Markaz

So I figured out Markaz near my home beside Badshahi Masjid or Greater Allama Iqbal park. If you do not know what is the process you might get in trouble for hustle.
The first issue here is the parking for bikes, so I have to park my bike in Lady Willingdon Hospital parking. Then I came back to Markaz, after parking I forget that two postal tickets were needed which cost 60 rupees per stamp, so I have to take my bike from parking and have to visit the postal office nearby.
Learner Driving License Lahore Guide - Pakistan Postal Office
This thing is huge time-wasting stuff, because of traffic. So before you go for a license by ticket in your free time then visit Markaz.
Learner Driving License Lahore Guide - Postal Stamps of 60 rupees

Learner Driving License Process

After getting the tickets I again park the bike and back to Markaz where I took just 5 min to enrol myself in the system from my original CNIC, place my fingers print and live photo. Then suddenly magic happens and electricity went off at 11:15 AM and the agent said to wait for the next 1 hour until the electricity came back to continue the process.
By the way am satisfied with the service of Markaz but not with the Policeman at the service at the main gate, because they are exhausted by heat which is understandable because their duties are tough. But they prevent everyone who is on motorcycles to Park somewhere else because bikes don’t carry any wire lock and they will not be here to protect public bikes, might they are just for showcasing their department only.
Anyways not it’s 12:20 PM and electricity is restored, the agent took my
  • Original CNIC
  • 2 Copies of CNIC
  • 2 postal stamps worth 60 rupees each

Then start feeding data into the system, right after 5 min agent gave me a print. This print contains info for learner driving license of car & bike. If you just wanted to have a bike license then 1 stamp is required and the same as for a car, usually, it’s better to create both at the same time to save time & hustle for the future. Now I have my learner permit and feel safe to travel.

Some other reasons for license:

  • Being a responsible citizen
  • Safety of people who travels with me
  • Safety of my vehicle & claims

Some important things need to know:

  • In Pakistan, if someone hit you from the back, whatever it’s because of you, in law it’s his fault
  • If you carry a license, and you are at fault, you get a penalty only, else your vehicle can be captured by law enforcement and end up in a court case.
  • If you hit someone and by chance, someone gets a serious loss, like life etc, then you get a chance to prove your stance instead of pledge guilty directly.

Note: I tried to capture the pics & video of Markaz, Police took my phone and delete those pics & videos forcibly. So I can’t share those images.

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