Remove Teams from Task bar of Windows 11


Windows 11, with its sleek and modern interface, offers users a more refined computing experience. However, the taskbar can get cluttered with various icons and apps, including Microsoft Teams, which may not be everyone’s preferred way to stay productive. Fortunately, Windows 11 provides an easy way to customize your taskbar by removing unwanted icons. In this guide, we’ll show you how to remove Microsoft Teams from the taskbar in Windows 11.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Right-Click on the Taskbar: To begin, simply right-click on an empty space on the taskbar. This action will open up a context menu with several options.
    Remove Teams from Task bar of Windows 11 Right click taskbar
  2. Select Taskbar Settings: From the context menu, choose “Taskbar settings.” This action will lead you to a dedicated Taskbar settings window.
  3. Navigate to Taskbar Items: Scroll down the Taskbar settings window until you come across the “Taskbar items” section. This is where you can manage the apps and icons displayed on your taskbar.
  4. Locate Microsoft Teams: In the list of taskbar items, you’ll find Microsoft Teams listed as an app or program currently visible on your taskbar.
    Remove Teams from Task bar of Windows 11 Location Microsoft Teams
  5. Toggle Off Microsoft Teams: Next to Microsoft Teams, you’ll notice a toggle switch. To remove Microsoft Teams from the taskbar, simply toggle it off. Instantly, Teams will disappear from your taskbar.
    Remove Teams from Task bar of Windows 11 Toggle Off Microsoft Teams

Conclusion: Customizing your Windows 11 taskbar to suit your preferences is a breeze. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily remove Microsoft Teams or any other unwanted app from your taskbar. Remember that removing Teams from the taskbar doesn’t uninstall the application from your computer; it merely declutters your workspace.

In summary, Windows 11 empowers users with the ability to personalize their computing environment. By making simple adjustments like removing unnecessary icons from the taskbar, you can create a more streamlined and efficient workflow that suits your needs. Enjoy the freedom to tailor your taskbar to your liking and boost your productivity on Windows 11!